5 Secret Places to Eat Fish and Chips in Sydney

Where are the best places to  enjoy eating fish and chips?

Eat fish and chips in Rose Bay

Here is our secret list of places nearby Fish Cove where you can enjoy a meal and soak up the views of Sydney Harbour at the same time. 

Best of all the list starts with a short walk across the street from our shop. Click the links to see the locations on Google Maps

Rose Bay Beach is our number one secret location to eat fish and chips. Thousands drive by every day not aware that behind the row of shops is a stretch of sand with gentle waves and a view of the Harbour. We’ll even show you the little alley way to to get there quickly so your food stays fresh and warm

Sydney has lots of little secret locations and Percival Park has to be right up there with the best of them. If the beach isn’t your thing, this little park area will be perfect with lots of shade, some grass and ocean views as well. Yes, there is a little alley way to to get there quickly too.

Fancy a little bit of lunch then an afternoon paddle? Tingira Memorial Park is just a few minutes walk away from our shop and has a lovely grassy area to sit and enjoy your fresh food. Once you are finished hire one of the canoes and have a paddle in the ocean.

A quick drive up the road will take you to the Hermitage Foreshore Reserve that will give you an elevated view over the Harbour as you eat your food. It is also the start of an amazing walk along this historical coastline which is pristine and secluded.

Hermit Point is for the suited for the more adventurous and those seeking a little privacy. You reach it from the Hermitage Foreshore Walk and it looks directly across to Shark Island and the Harbour beyond. It is one of those spots in Sydney that not many know about, but perfect for lunch or dinner at Sunset



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