What is Basa?

What exactly is Basa Fish?

Basa may seem like it is related to Bass which is also a freshwater fish, but they are not a related species. In fact Basa is a type of catfish and is sometimes referred to as Swai and other names across Southeast Asia where it originates.

It is a white fillet with no bones, firm texture and mild fish flavour. It is often sold frozen or thawed from frozen and used in all kinds of recipes and cooking styles. 

Basa fish fully trimmed fillet

Where does Basa come from and why do shops use it?

It is farmed in large quantities in large fish pens running off the Mekong River system through Vietnam, China and Cambodia. This river system travels through some of the most densly populated residential and industrial areas in Asia. They grow in water dams that are typically filled with earthy, muddy water rather than fresh salt water. For Basa to be consumed in Australia it has to be caught, frozen, imported then thawed locally for use.

Due to this process it is relatively cheap to produce, therefore making it a cost effective alternative to other fish products available.

How does it get to Australia?

Basa is typically caught in locations throughout Asia, then frozen and imported into Australia for consumption locally. Other types of fish will be caught fresh from the ocean, put on ice while it is transported for use in local shops.


Will Fish Cove use Basa?

No, we won’t be using Basa fish. We have chosen to source New Zealand Hake which is caught fresh from the ocean so that we can provide a fresh, tasty and nutrient filled alternative to what can be purchased elsewhere. 


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